coustic Ambush is movement not just a band.  Our goal is to revolutionize casual gigs at restaurants, parties, events, and venues.  What do we do you ask?  Acoustic Ambush “crashes” random restaurant’s patios around happy hour.  We show up with minimal equipment, and crank out a set.

Not a lot can beat some great live music on the patio of your favorite restaurant.

Founded in Boulder, CO Acoustic Ambush is all about community and good vibes.  We want to take all of the bs out of scheduling bands for live music at great restaurants.  Acoustic Ambush is always on the move so keep an eye out for us on instagram and twitter, we’ll let you know where we are!

Will play for beer.

Rooted in the album rock era of the 1970’s, Acoustic Ambush puts its own jam and improvisational energy into every song they play creating a fun and refreshing musical experience. The infectious positive energy and fun factor these guys put out is highly contagious with a stamina that fuels even the most energetic audiences.

As the name aptly implies, AA started as a neighborhood group of talented musicians from Boulder, Colorado that became locally known for “ambushing” bars and bistro patios unannounced and sharing their music. Soon a party would break out leaving proprietors begging for more. Influences range from Grateful Dead and Phish to Neil Young and Van Morrison with stopovers at Stevie Wonder, The Band, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, and a plethora of originals that boast their soaring harmonies, melodic jams and funky rhythms.

Acoustic Ambush

Scott Dale 
Boulder, Colorado  80302